HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.5

More than 50 % of all feed firms in Germany use HYBRIMIN® WinFumi for formulation and optimisation as well as for labelling. HYBRIMIN® WinFumi is also used in many Universities/Technical colleges both in Germany and abroad for teaching as well as product research and development.

The program enables data to be exchanged within networks using process control and/or inventory control (e.g. price lists, recipes, declarations, etc.). Completed declarations (identification/labelling) can be printed onto the delivery notes or sent directly to the bagging unit for printing.

With the help of the HYBRIMIN® WinFumi print module, it is possible to automatically generate declarations using a mixing order with supplements, e.g. acids. See here:

Prior to delivery HYBRIMIN® WinFumi is set up and supplemented for the prospective user with the appropriate types of feed and animals. Training is provided on site.

Yearly updates ensure continuing operative improvements and adaptations to meet technological requirements, e.g. new Windows operating systems.

Our customer care staff, who all have agricultural training, help resolve any problems that may arise.


With HYBRIMIN® WinFumi every possible recipe (and individual ration!) for all livestock and pets can be formulated or, with the help of the linear optimisation, automatically optimised. These include, for example, complete feeds, supplementary feeds, concentrated feeds, milk substitutes, mineral feeds, dietary feed, pet food and premixes.

The program is absolutely full of data. Up to 999 nutrients per feedstock can be added. The HYBRIMIN® Database has c. 500 feedstocks with a total of more than 40,000 individual values. Around 50 product groups (animal categories such as dairy cows, pigs, laying hens, as well as vitamin premixes, mineral mixes, premixes of every kind) can be found in the HYBRIMIN® database. In total, around 1,500 different requirement standards with around 20,000 minimum/maximum restriction values are included.

For every animal category there are also sample recipes, for quick and easy testing of the program functions.

Naturally, the user can alter, extend or delete all this data. Further data can be imported by an interface.


The database for HYBRIMIN® WinFumi has German or European feed regulations already installed. As alterations are repeatedly made to the labelling over the course of a year, we believe that c. 95% of all declarations or labels can be created immediately without the user adding anything. Individual additions are always required when you want to deviate from the minimum requirements of the feed regulations and declare your own specific product.

A special feature of HYBRIMIN® WinFumi from Version 9.0 is the three-fold view in the Calculation/Optimisation screen: Next to the feedstock and nutrients for a recipe, the relevant labelling is also shown. As soon as a recipe is altered, the labelling is updated within seconds!


  • There is a Feedstock file, Recipe file and a Declaration file with ready-prepared labelling.
  • The number of records is unlimited.
  • All existing data can be changed at any time.
  • Allows up to 999 ingredients per feedstock, with a choice of either original or dry matter.
  • Mixes for each type of animal, e.g. pigs, can be calculated or even improved using linear optimisation.
  • An unlimited number of rations/mixes can be saved.
  • Choice of single optimisation, batch optimisation or multi-optimisation.
  • Labelling is created automatically from existing saved layouts (Appearance) and recipe types (Statutory Feed Regulations).
  • Create a ledger of mixes or tonnage consumption and feed amounts.
  • Results can be printed out, saved as pdfs or automatically sent as an e-mail attachment.
  • All results can be forwarded to production or merchandise management in over 50 different file formats.
  • A client module for advising several facilities or clients.
  • The HYBRIMIN® WinFumi print module for the automatic updating of labels, e.g. the addition of an acid.
  • Further information provided upon enquiry.


HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.5 is offered as a purely German language program or in any of the other available languages (see below). In addition, there is a multilingual version, that holds a datafile of all the available languages and which allows one to work in German and then print in another language, e.g. Russian.

The HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.5 Multilingual Version currently includes: Danish, German, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian.


  • After paying the purchase price, the user has unlimited access to the software. Every 2 years there is a free reactivation for a further 2 years. If there is a new Microsoft® operating system, the program can be updated provided there is an active service contract.
  • All programs are delivered complete with the HYBRIMIN® standard database for your personal use.
  • A Program Update Service Contract is offered for all programs. Normally data are not updated.
  • Further details available upon enquiry.


A User Handbook, an Interface Handbook and an Installation Manual are provided.


  • All HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.5 programs are native Microsoft® Windows programs, that run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
  • Microsoft® Excel or similar are NOT required.
  • HYBRIMIN® recommend Microsoft® Windows 10 as the operating system. The minimum required is Microsoft® Windows 7.
  • For Apple (MacOS) systems, the programs can be made to run with the help of a virtualisation.
  • The program comes as standard as a multi-user application and is network capable (several people can work on the same database at the same time).
  • Normally, the database and the database server (Firebird) are installed on one server in the network; clients then receive the client software.
  • Other installations, e.g. on terminal servers, data processing centres or Cloud systems are also possible.
  • A server with a free USB-A port is required for the licence key.
  • Further details available upon enquiry.