What is the meaning of the name FutterX?

Well, the German word for „feed“ is „Futter“. X pronounce „ex“ stands for extended, or number 10 (latin) or next step…

We have the feed formulation software HYBRIMIN® Futter5 which has been the 5th MS-Windows release since the year 2000.

HYBRIMIN® FutterX is the next evolution step behind an MS-Windows software. It is a best off from all feed formulation and balancing software tools HYBRIMIN® has created the last 43 years!

Which livestock can be handled in FutterX?

HYBRIMIN® FutterX has the possibility to work with all species worldwide which are used in animal nutrition. This means all farm animals and all pet food animals too.

If there are any species not available or the user needs more specific data as requirements it is possible to add everything. This task will be done by HYBRIMIN® itself. HYBRIMIN® FutterX is a multi animal species software.

The user can select which animal species should be available to get more comfort in user interface by deleting not used animal species.

Which database is included in FutterX?

Basic data like nutrients, units, formulas, raw materials, and examples for recipes and daily rations are based on German data.

Calculating of energy formulas, requirements, and local raw materials can be added by the user or by HYBRIMIN® team members all the time or at the request of customers.

The database can be very individual depending on the customer’s need. It is possible to get a complete NRC database on request.

How can a user share data in HYBRIMIN® FutterX with other users?

HYBRIMIN® FutterX is a collaboration tool. This means that users can share data in a company or with setting of user and company rights between companies.

In HYBRIMIN® FutterX there is data replication a fundamental part of the design. There are server-based repositories (data warehouse) that collect data of any user and can be shared with others.

The data replication is done by push and pull mechanism like used in standard mobile applications.

Data replication is an option for a user. It is possible that a user can work independently too in case it is needed.

Role-based access control in FutterX

In HYBRIMIN® FutterX data is ordered hierarchical and user content is shared by roles. A role can be a feed advisor for cows or a director of feed sales and marketing, etc.

This way you can ensure that team members have access to only what is relevant to their work. You can choose between view only or editing access.

Data hierarchy in FutterX

In HYBRIMIN® FutterX the hierarchical data is organized in:

  • the address of the farmer
  • the raw materials of the farmer (own or copied raw materials like concentrates and minerals of the company) and
  • the recipes which are calculated by hand or optimized with a least cost algorithm.

The number of data is unlimited.

Nutrients for raw materials in FutterX

Nutrients for each Raw Material in FutterX are organized hierarchically in the groups:

Weender Analysis
Quantity Elements
Trace Elements
Digestive quotient Amino Acids
Amino Acids
Energy Calculation
Material Flow Balance
Dyes and Additives
Fatty Acids
Organic Acids
Key Figures
Cell Wall Components
Milk Yield Formulas (in case you work with cows)
Organic (Bio parameters)
Growth Parameter
Nutrient Relationships
Balance Quantity Elements

All groups can be used in Original Substance values in grams or on Dry Matter basis.

Raw materials in FutterX

Raw materials can be organized into four groups

  • general raw materials which are common in the market
  • company raw materials (products a feed mill wants to sell)
  • farmers raw materials (analyzed raw materials)
  • shared raw materials from other feed mills or consultants which can be copied

Each address (farmer) can have its own list of all of these types of raw materials for calculation.

Price lists and daily prices in FutterX

Each user of HYBRIMIN® FutterX has the possibility to select as many price lists as needed.
Each price list can have its own currency.

Conversion of currencies is possible. In a recipe calculation a user can work with or without prices. It is possible to work with daily prices too.

In case of use a linear optimization function for any livestock the least cost price is normally the goal of optimization.

Feed balancing collaboration in FutterX

If you work in the field, you normally work alone by feed calculation and feed balancing.

HYBRIMIN® FutterX is a new way of working together: It is a Feed Balancing Collaboration Tool. This means you can share raw materials and recipes with other people.

Sharing means depending on the user’s rights. You can share results with colleagues in your company or with farmers.

Even if you work in the field with a notebook, it is possible – in case you have an internet connection, next time available data is transfered via push and pull methods from one user to another.

Recipe creation in FutterX

When creating a recipe, a user can choose between a daily ration and a mixture or a combination of both!

In case the user starts with a daily ration typically all raw materials are selected from the available list of the raw material area.

Afterward, a user enters the amount by hand in case the calculation should be done manually. This trial and error method shows always after every change of any amount the calculated nutrients and the requirements for this daily ration.

A daily ration can compare a group of raw materials that can be handled as a mixture. This mixture can be a supplement a farmer creates with his own raw materials.

Mathematical solutions in the recipe area

In HYBRIMIN® FutterX we use as a possible way of calculation for recipes the Least Cost Optimization.

Linear optimization is done in the way that Minimum and Maximum requirements are loaded from the database or added by hand from the user and after the selection of possible raw materials and requirements for this the HYBRIMIN® FutterX can show you a mathematical solution.

For each Least Cost optimization, the goal is to minimize the price of the daily amount by considering the animal nutrition requirements.

Trial and error method in FutterX

FutterX can calculate balanced rations by using „Trial and Error“ method.

This method is a solution in cases when the feed adviser or feed mill optimizer needs to adjust the proportion of raw materials within an existing daily ration or mixture.

The results obtained by applying the „Trial and Error“ method are compared to the nutrient needs of the animal for which the ration is being balanced. Deficiencies are corrected by changing proportions in the rations or by replacing the ingredients.

The „Trial and Error“ method adds flexibility to situations where nutrient requirements cannot be fulfilled by linear optimization.

Options for ration formulation in FutterX

The animal nutrition of dairy cows includes the concept of „feed displacement“.

This means that a cow has better taste than humans and can determine with the help of the tongue which feedstuff is tasteful.

The problem is now that some parts of feedstuff are not fed and are waste, in case the dairy cow gets compound feed, which is normally more tasteful from the dairy cows‘ view.

As a result, the daily ration is in most cases much more expensive to get the same milk yield.

One concept to avoid the selection of feedstuff by dairy cows is to use a Total-Mixed-Ration process with trailed or self-propelled feed mixers.

Both options for creating a dairy cow ration are available in the new FutterX feed formulation software. The program includes formulas for both dry matter intake for TMR rations and standard feeding rations.

FutterX preview

The first step in HYBRIMIN® FutterX is user authentication. Users in this case are feed consultants in this module. Users are created by the company that buys the software. The features the user has access to can be customized.

FutterX user login

After login, the first screen is the address selection. Address means in HYBRIMIN® FutterX the address of a farmer or a company. Address selection has the effect that a group of raw materials and recipes are ordered to this address too. Available data can be loaded from other farmers or companies (addresses) too.

FutterX address selection

The optical look and view of HYBRIMIN® FutterX are in such a way that on the left side there is the general menu and on top of the browser window is the language selection separately for the database or user interface.

On the area below is the function line to select anything and below this is the edit field or list for any action.

The second image illustrates the available list of addresses for this consultant.

Raw Materials

The raw material list contains the raw materials used for the selected company and a different number and order of nutrients for the type of animal – adapted to the animal species and feed to be calculated.

Nutrients selection in FutterX
Raw materials list in FutterX
Nutrients list in FutterX
Nutrients in FutterX

Cow Ration Calculation in FutterX – Sample Preview

The below image illustrates a sample calculation of a balanced daily cow ration for TMR feeding.

The ration is done with the German database and is just a preview of the interface in case you have standard settings in the browser view.

In addition, it’s possible to add a compound feed table or additional nutrients and requirements as well. Linear optimization can also be done.

Cow Ration Calculation in FutterX