HYBRIMIN® Futter 5

More than 4,000 feed advisors use a HYBRIMIN® feed program for feed advice. An important benefit of the program is that all livestock and pet feed, mixes and complete feed rations can be calculated. To enable exchange between different feed advisors, there are numerous export/import interfaces, so that data can be exchanged easily within an organization.

Simplicity of use together with versatile printing options help feed advisors working in the agricultural industry.

Through the so-called System Domain, which is password-protected, it is possible to integrate your own feed concepts whenever you want. With the HYBRIMIN® database, the program comes fully equipped with German feed standards, but this can be extended/changed, for instance in the case of dairy farming, to DVE (Netherlands), APD (Switzerland), PDI (France), etc. without using HYBRIMIN®. Other energy standards, e.g. for ME or NE pigs, can be added in at any time by the user.

As the HYBRIMIN® feed programs are fully standalone (Excel is not required), with some understanding of animal nutrition, there is a very small learning curve. We normally reckon on 2-3 hours from inputting the first feedstock analyses to generating the first rations or mixes of the day.

There are several feed programs: Futter 2000, Futter 2003, Futter 2006 and Futter 2008. The most recent version is HYBRIMIN® Futter 5.

Test HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 for two weeks or try it out online with no obligation….


HYBRIMIN® Database: The database includes 400 feedstocks with a total of 38,000 nutrient values. These are revised from time to time. They are based on the ingredients in the Weende analysis, supplemented with common German ingredients and freely available analysis values taken from various tables. The user can alter all raw materials and ingredients according to their own feedstock analyses.

HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 also includes data for bio-feed calculation!

The database includes c. 1,500 requirement groups (feed specifications) for a variety of animal categories with c. 22,000 min-/ max values. To see what these values are based on, follow this link to the GfE website‍

Beef cattle
Schwarzbunte cattle, Fleckvieh cattle, grain feeding, veal calves, heifers

Dairy cows, dry cows, nursing cows, heifers, suckling calves, stock bulls, young bulls, buffalo (cow, calf, bulls, working buffalo, meat buffalo)

Sheep (ewes, ram lambs, ewe lambs, rams), goats (miniature goats, dairy goats, bucks) red deer (calves, does, adult deer, bucks), fallow deer (fawns, does, adult animals, bucks), roe deer (kids, does, bucks), llama (stable feed, pasture feed, winter feed, heavily pregnant, nursing)

Young sows, young boars, pregnant sows, nursing sows, sows (weaning to mating), breeding boars, piglets, porkers, bio-feed (piglets, porkers, pregnant/ nursing sows)

Sport horses (maintenance, light work, medium work, heavy work, racing), pregnant mares, lactating mares, stud stallions, foals, small horses/ponies/donkeys (maintenance, light work, medium work, pregnancy, lactation, stud stallions, foals)

Chickens (Lohmann LSL Classic layers/ LSL parent stock, chicks, young hens, laying hens, broiler chicks, broilers), turkeys (hen poults, young turkeys, breeding turkeys, broiler turkeys) ducks (ducklings, young ducks, broiler ducks), geese (goslings, breeding geese, broiler geese), pheasants (chicks, young pheasants, breeding pheasants), guinea fowl (chicks, breeding, rearing), quail (chicks, layers), doves, ostrich, turkeys, bio-poultry (chicks, young hens, layers, broiler chicks, broiler chickens, meat ducks, geese, broilers, turkeys)

Cats and Dogs
Dogs, cats, big cats

Small Animals
Miniature rabbits, hobby rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, chinchillas, trout, carp, miniature catfish

Zoo Animals
Elephants, camels, wild ruminants

Important: Almost every customer working with HYBRIMIN® programs, uses their own database with their own feedstock analyses, which often include analysis values that are not freely available! This also applies for the requirement groups and feed specifications! Of course, the program also allows alternative feed systems which contain ingredients not common in Germany.


  • Includes address file (businesses), feedstock file and a feed recipe file
  • The number of records is unlimited
  • All existing data can be changed at any time
  • Feedstock can be blocked from alterations
  • Allows up to 999 ingredients per feedstock
  • Daily rations for each type of animal (e.g. dairy cows) or mixes (e.g. pigs) can be calculated or even improved using linear optimisation.
  • Results can be printed out, saved as pdfs or automatically sent as an e-mail attachment.
  • Results can be printed out, saved as pdfs or automatically sent as an e-mail attachment.
    Further information provided upon enquiry.


HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 is offered as a purely German-language program or in any of the other available languages (see below). In addition, there is a multilingual version, that holds a datafile of all the available languages and which allows one to work in German and then print in another language, e.g. Russian.

The HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 multilingual version currently includes: Albanian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, German, German (Switzerland), English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Kazakh, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian.

Each language has around 15,000 words in the database. In total, the multilingual database has an agricultural lexicon of about 470,000 words.

The program will be available in over 40 countries.


After paying the purchase price, the user has unlimited access to the software. Every 2 years there is a free reactivation for a further 2 years. If there is a new Microsoft® operating system, the program can be updated provided there is an active service contract.

All programs are delivered complete with the HYBRIMIN® standard database for your personal use.

A Program Update Service Contract is offered for all programs. Normally the data are not updated.

Further details available upon enquiry.


A User Handbook, an Interface Handbook and an Installation Manual are provided.


  • All HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 programs are native Microsoft® Windows programs that run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
  • Microsoft® Excel or similar are NOT required.
  • HYBRIMIN® recommends Microsoft® Windows 10 as the operating system. The minimum required is Microsoft® Windows 7.
  • For Apple (MacOS) systems, the programs can be made to run with the help of a virtualisation.
  • The program comes as standard as a single-user application (only one person can work on the database).
  • The program requires an internet connection for updates.
  • All other data, etc, are installed onto the chosen machine via an installation CD or download files.
  • A free USB-A port is required for the licence key.
  • Further details available upon enquiry.