Animal Nutrition Solutions

WinFumi 9.5

WinFumi 9.5 is the HYBRIMIN® software that addresses the specific needs of feed manufacturers in the processes of compound feed optimization (mineral feed, premix etc.), recipe management, and automatic declaration.

This integrated software can manage everything from raw materials, product development, and recipes to label design, printing, and customer services.

Futter 5

HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 is a solution for feed sales and advice that helps farmers to optimize rations by reducing the total cost while meeting all quality requirements.

The software can cover feed formulation and optimization for all animal species.

All elements of the user experience are optimized for improved usability, usefulness, and a reduced number of clicks.


HYBRIMIN® FutterX is the newest addition to our feed formulation software family.

Presented for the first time at EuroTier 2022, this software enhances our feed formulation solutions with collaboration and web usage options.